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Mukti Medica is a leading small company that sells a wide range of equipment in medical in surface especially in Asia modification technologies with dedicated research and development of new technologies for the medical industry.

Mukti Medica range is designed to improve medical quality in Asia. In 2006 Mukti Medica evolved into a company that supply store sells provides and sells medical equipment devices worldwide. 

Mukti Medica provides a variety of product categories : AED - Defibrillators, Autorefractors And Phoropters, Chairs Stands and Tables, EMT Bags and Kits, Lensmeters and Keratometers, Ophthalmoscopes, Optometry equipment and supplies, other Emergency and EMT, Other ophth and optometry, Perimeters and retinal cameras, Projectors and Charts, Slit Lamps, Stretchers and Backboards, Tonometers and Training and Manikins

In addition, the provision and development activities, Mukti Medica works in partnership with small and medium producers for the improvement and development of quality provision and services are increasing. The company is also a recognised supplier of medical device regulatory testing services and manufacturers.

The Mukti Medica famous in the quality of their goods, goods services were responsible in each time expertise, medical device industry experience and track record for responsive, high quality service.
Mukti Medica is good company that has its foundations in the pasar asia. And now Mukti Medica has penetrated the international market in the world in the provision of medical aid equipments.

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Satisfaction, trust, responsibility, good quality and on time delivery system is a method of working which we apply.
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